Peach (Prunus Persica) natural ingredient from Aviendonatural

Peach(Prunus Persica)

Is a deciduous tree, native to Northwest China. It bears an edible juicy fruit also called a peach. Peaches are good source of proteins and helps in tissue repair and tissue regeneration. They can help your skin heal faster from cuts and helps to maintain a supple feel to your skin. Peach contains certain nutrients which are good tightening agents which help in reducing wrinkles from your skin. Peaches contain antioxidant components which help in getting rid of oxygen free radicals. Your skin hates these radicals as they can create some problems like psoriasis and eczema, so it’s important that you get rid of them by regular antioxidant consumption. Peaches help in maintaining healthy skin owing to the presence of good amount of vitamin C, which also provides defense against harmful free radicals and infections. Peaches also exert protective effect on the skin against the ultraviolet radiations.

Studies have provided evidence that the antioxidants zeaxanthine and lutein have significant anti-inflammatory effects on the skin damage caused by the UV-B radiations and protect the skin from hyperproliferation of cells.

Flavonoids present in peaches have photo protective effects and help in preventing the skin from UV-induced erythema.

Peach fruit is widely used in cosmetic industry in the manufacturing of skin creams and beauty packs. The wealth of flavonoids and essential vitamins and minerals in the peach fruit helps in sloughing off the dead cells, hydrating and revitalizing the skin. The antioxidants promote faster recovery of skin problems such as blemishes and spots.

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