Crab Apple Malus Rosaceae skincare ingredient

Crab Apple(Malus Rosaceae)

Crabapple or wild apple is 2-3 inches in diameter and spherical in shape. A ripe crabapple has a hard crust and white pulp. The outer surface of this fruit is rough and plushy. The tree of this fruit is quite tall, and its trunk and branches are found to be covered with long and thick spikes.

The apple was considered effective against venom, or poison, a purifier and cleanser, all of which corresponds with the appleā€™s known properties today. The crab apple (Pyrus malus) is native to Britain and it the wild ancestor of all the cultivated varieties.

Another fascinating factor is that when punctured, the bark and skin of this unique apple would heal itself like human skin!

Scientists have discovered that this fruit has these amazing abilities due to the resiliency of its stem cells. The plant stem cells function a lot like they do in people.

They work primarily to repair and maintain tissues. Adult stem cells in our skin have a limited life span. With aging, our skin starts to lose its ability to regenerate properly. What results is the appearance of the pesky signs of aging, such as wrinkles. The stem cells of this apple appeared to be nourishing human stem cells. The stem cells from the apple stimulated them. This made them more resilient to UV damage, and even delayed their aging process and death.

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