burdock Arctium Majus natural skincare ingredient

Burdock(Arctium Majus)

Burdock root is a tuber of greater burdock plant that found its use as a vegetable and medicinal herb. The plant burdock is a short biennial which believed to be native to Northern Europe and Siberia. In Japan, popular as gobo, it has been cultivated as a major root herb since earlier times. In the nature, however, burdock sighted as a wild, easy-growing, hardy plant existing in almost any parts of the planet.

Botanically, burdock belongs to the family of Asteraceae; of the genus of Arctium, and known scientifically as Arctium lappa.

Are you in search of a powerful detoxifying agent that will cleanse your body and rejuvenate it? Your search ends right here! Burdock roots are packed with fabulous healing properties. It’s no wonder then that various European and Asian cuisine widely use this amazing plant and its roots. While some use the root to prepare tea, the Japanese include them in their foods as a stir-fry to make the best use of its nutrients.

Burdock root was used, along with other plants, for healing measles, sore throat, cold, and even tonsillitis by ancient Chinese medicinal practitioners.

A botanical cousin of the nutritious artichoke, the roots of this plant gives a sweet, pungent flavor. However, the flowers and leaves taste just like artichoke.

The anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties enable burdock root to be used as a safe natural remedy for assorted skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. It is also quite popular as an effective cure for dry skin and related conditions, such as dermatitis. It is also an effective home remedy for skin ulcers and acne.

We use it in: comforting face cleanser