What are parabens and why are they bad?

We go on a lot about our products being ‘paraben free’, but then it occurred to us that you may not be entirely sure exactly what parabens are. So now comes the time for an explanation!


Since the 1950’s, parabens have been used as a common preservative in countless beauty and body care products. They are a relatively inexpensive agents that prevent growth of bacteria and mould and have since become a staple in the beauty industry.


Parabens are a form of synthetic estrogen-mimicking agents that have received a lot of negative attention in the press and in medical circles because there is evidence that they disrupt the hormone system. Furthermore, their remains were found in breast cancer tissue. It is currently unclear how much of the body exposure to these chemicals can really pose a threat on human health, as no long term results are available Unless the product is labelled ‘paraben free’, there is a potential risk. Parabens often hide under vague names such as fragrances, which can represent hundreds of chemicals. There are many arguments against the use of parabens and in a world where your body is continuously exposed to harmful chemicals, limiting your skin’s exposure to harmful chemicals in any way you can is a welcome relief.

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Pregnancy and children

Anything with parabens in should be avoided particularly when you are pregnant or if you have a small child. Parabens are connected to reproductive hormones (estrogen) and pose a health risk to both your own health and that of your baby. Switching to all natural products is one of the easiest yet most effective steps to take in order to remain healthy.

De-paraben your life

paraben free aviendo aloe vera soothing face tonner There are reasons to be mindful of parabens, especially if the products of use cover larger areas of skin or if you use them regularly. To begin "de-parabening" your life, firstly, look out for paraben free make up removers and body lotions, and follow with paraben-free face and hand cream. We alway make sure to use only all natural preservatives in all our products and avoid parabens and chemicals like them. Yes, it decreases the shelf life of our skincare, but it’s a price we’re willing to pay for high quality and health.