The word, “natural”, its’ uses and mis-used

An important post to start with here on our Beautipedia. The word ‘natural’ is thrown about a lot with skincare and other products. We’ve been working with natural products for years now, and it has become clear to us that many customers do not fully understand what the term “natural product” means. And there exists a certain disbelief surrounding words like “natural”, with a common understanding being that “anyone can just call their product natural”. Truth is, they can.

natural cruelty-free skincare

This is why it’s so important to check out the actual ingredients of any product, whether it’s ‘natural’ or not. And you might be surprised with what you find. Many well-known natural skincare brands do sell products that actually contain a percentage of chemical ingredients and by law they must state this on the label.

100% natural cruelty-free make up remover

And this is where we’ll devote a small section of this post for some shameless self promotion. Because all of our products contain 100% natural ingredients. Unfortunately, this does mean the shelf life of our products is shorter than similar products containing preservatives. But presuming you like what the natural product does for your skin, you should use it up easily before it’s expiry.

What isn’t natural skincare?

Because so many skin products contain chemicals and other artificial substances, sometimes it is actually easier to define natural skincare products by what they don’t contain.

Our products, for example, are free from:

  • - Parabens — are chemicals used to make many beauty and cosmetic products last longer. They have been increasingly the subject of concern — because they interfere with our hormones as well as accelerating the ageing process.

  • - Synthetic Perfumes — used to mask the presence of thousands of ingredients, that would otherwise smell extremely off-putting.

  • - Artificial colours.

  • - Phalates — substances found in artificial fragrances and used to soften plastics and have been associated with birth defects, sperm damage and infertility.

It is no wonder that some regulators, notably those in the European Union impose restrictions on the use of parabens and other chemicals in products. But many products — including those claiming to be ‘natural’ do contain some or all of the above.

natural skincare products without parabens

Why bother?

You might wonder what all the hype is about, if you’ve been using chemical skincare for years with no obvious side effects, then why should you switch to the usually-more-expensive natural alternatives?

The truth is, there has been no thorough experiment that studies the lifelong effects on our skin caused by all the various sources of pollution and chemicals we are exposed to. Such chemicals are contained in food, water, medicines, air, cosmetics, health care products, clothing and other consumer products.

With so much doubt surrounding the chemicals’ long-term effects on our health, the best we can to is eliminate them as much as possible. You might not be able to avoid your daily commute along polluted main roads, but you can at least be wearing protective natural skincare so as not to make the effects of said commute even worse (and cleanse properly afterwards of course)!

The situation is overwhelming, when we consider all these factors we have no control over. However, taking care of our health holistically — eating properly, exercising regularly, going out in nature and using true natural skincare products — is likely to prolong our days and increase our overall health and wellbeing — and it definitely won’t do us any harm, so why not?

For further reading about natural skincare, check out this brilliant article by Tree Hugger.