Rejuvenating Eye Care

Yes the Spring tiredness should be long gone but sometimes we do need a tiny drop of extra help looking fresh and wide awake! Many people discovered this help in our Rejuvenating Eye Care. An energising and cooling eye cream with a delicate texture that cools skin and alleviates eye fatigue. This serum containing organic wheat germ to effectively tighten the skin and reduce swelling and puffiness under the eyes. Therefore it is our favorite product of the week!

rejuvenating eye care natural product

As many of our other products, our Rejuvenating Eye Care contains Aloe Vera, which helps to boost your blood circulation, and for some skin types this may result in slightly red skin after applying the product, as if you have been exercising. This is not a problem, it is simply due to increased blood flow and the redness should die down after a 10 - 30 minutes.