Browsing endless shelves of a skincare shop can sometimes seem like a very overwhelming experience. Moisturisers, toners, day creams, night creams, eye creams, etc. How to know which ones you need, what they do, if they’re suited to your skin, and whether you need them all or not?!

natural face serum cruelty free skincare

Natural face serum, the skincare wonder.

One very peculiar product that causes such confusion amongst our customers and our shops’ customers are serums. We offer two different serums (anti-pollution & revitalising) as part of the Aviendo Natural skincare range, so we thought we’d give you a little rundown of what they’re all about, what they do for your skin, and how to use them.

natural anti-pollution face cream and face serum


Imagine serum as a hybrid between a cream and a toner (more on toners soon!) Serum is absorbed by your skin faster than a cream but its consistency is thicker than micellar water (cleansing water). Serums are thicker because they are jam-packed full of active ingredients, such as vitamins and antioxidants or healthy oils or minerals. These are quickly absorbed into the skin and so are all their magic powers!


Serums are usually on the pricier side of all the skincare products available, and this is because of the proportion of the active elements versus other supporting elements, such as thickener or water. To put it into perspective, regular face creams have much smaller proportion of the active ingredients, and more of the supporting elements, so to benefit from a face cream in the same way as you would from a serum, you would have to use maybe ten times the amount (which makes for a very greasy face!)

natural anti-pollution face cream and face serum


On a molecular level, serums are made of smaller particles than creams, and therefore they can ‘sneak into your skin’ with more ease, reaching the deeper levels (yes, really). Their absorption is even more efficient, if you apply them a minute or two after taking a shower. This is so, because your pores are still open and the serum gets locked in along with hydration from water.


When to apply serum? After using cleanser, and toner, before applying your regular day/night cream. It can be a good idea to give the serum a few minutes to sink in and dry before applying cream, and maybe you’ll feel at this stage that you don’t need cream at all. The best advice is to listen to your skin! If you are unsure at any point, stick to the rule of thumb of fluidity and apply your product from the thinnest to thickest consistency.