About Us

Let’s go back to nature

Aviendo Natural creates natural beauty products. Our simple, visual universe emphasises what we stand for. Aviendo Natural is everything that beauty care should be: Simple, pure, natural.

Aviendo Natural embraces three lines – Men, Women, and Arctic Circle. The products are founded
with a desire to make beauty care an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. That our products work, we take for granted, but that they with their unique fragrance, perfect consistency and delicious visual
expression contribute to a healthy, modern lifestyle, we see as our primary mission.

Pure and simple

Aviendo Natural’s products are produced in Denmark by natural ingredients. Our products are free of parabens, phthalates and mineral oils and have not been tested on animals. The natural ingredients in our products are proven to be effective, and throughout generations have been shown to reduce allergies and irritations. The natural vitamins and oils in the products support the skin’s natural renewal processes and gives the products their mild, delicious scent.

Your skin made easy

Aviendo Natural is beauty care that matches natural values and the desire for ‘the simple choice in
everyday life’. Our products live up to our own high standards as well as to a modern lifestyle,
demanding both effect and aesthetics and satisfaction of the senses.

At Aviendo we take the concept ‘natural’ seriously – with a holistic approach to the nature that we are both inspired by, picking from and nurses when our products absorbed by the skin. For Aviendo Natural a natural lifestyle is a modern lifestyle and we think beauty care should be simple, delicious and accessible.