About Us

Let’s go back to nature when it comes to looking after one of our most precious assets – our skin!  

Beauty is more than skin-deep. It is a way of life!

There is nothing to compare with natural products to nourish our appearance and our healthy skin. Natural ingredients have proven reliable, generation after generation, century after century, and reduce the likelihood of allergies, irritation and headaches.

Aviendo is a Danish lifestyle company. Our focus is to make people’s life simpler and healthier, by presenting the natural alternative of higher quality, for everyday life.

Aviendo Natural creates natural beauty products, produced in Denmark for a modern lifestyle, and comprising a natural range of the highest quality. Without parabens, phthalates or mineral oils, with natural ingredients, essential oils and not least up to 98% organic, pure Aloe Vera. Vegan and cruelty free.

Enriching and inspiring natural living: this is the fundamental credo of Aviendo Natural !

Anders Nielsen




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